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Q10 verbetert veel s...

Mensen met fibromyalgie kunnen veel baat hebben bij co-enzym Q10. Behandeling met Q10 verbetert een brede reeks van psychische en klinische symptomen bij patiënten met fibromyalgie. Q10 vermindert ook ontstekingen, meldt CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics.

Vitamine D pijnstill...

Suppletie met vitamine D kan pijn verlichten bij personen met chronische pijnklachten.

Depressief? Let op j...

Personen met een depressie kunnen veel baat hebben bij het eten van gezonde voeding. Goede voeding leidt tot een significante vermindering van klachten en in sommige gevallen tot een volledig herstel.

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Onderzoek naar Fibromyalgie en leefwijze in Amerika

IU School of Medicine Fibromyalgia Research Study

Fibromyalgia (FMS), defined as the presence of both chronic widespread pain and the finding of 11/18 tender points on examination, affects 2% of the general population. Despite the recent advances in drug treatment for FMS, a greater majority continues to experience disabling pain, fatigue and impairment in physical function. To help reduce the burden of FMS illness, the current study is being conducted to determine the efficacy of a telephone-based support system to encourage people with fibromyalgia to pursue a healthy lifestyle, which then lead to improvement in symptoms. This federally-funded research study will enroll 200 participants and randomly assigning them to either a motivational-based support system or a health educational-based support system. Participants will receive 6 telephone calls and will undergo outcome assessment at week 1, week 12, week 24 and week 36. As an outcome of this study, we expect to enhance the adoption and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for FMS sufferers. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for people with FMS in reducing pain severity and improving quality of life.

More information: https://data.biostat.iupui.edu/fibromyalgia/main.aspx

About Us:
We are a team of clinical investigators from Indiana University who are actively involved in research studies to further understand the cause of fibromyalgia symptoms and to develop effective treatments. We are composed of MDs and PhDs from varied field including rheumatology, nursing, psychology and exercise physiology. To learn more about what we do, contact:

Division of Rheumatology – Indiana University School of Medicine
1110 West Michigan Street, Room 545
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Janna Hilligoss, Project Coordinator
Study Information and Scheduling Phone Number: (317) 278-3971
Email: fibrofit@iupui.edu